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HOTMAIL HAS STOPPED ITS HTTP (Outlook Express) support since 5th Feb. 2005 It has resumed support from 18th Feb 2005, May be this site worked!! Follow these 10 steps and your Hotmail Account will be 250 MB (after 1 month)

1 ) Log-in to your Hotmail account and go to Options
2 ) Then go to Personals and select My Profile
3 ) Fill in the following information:
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33332
4 ) Save the information and return to your Hotmail Options page
5 ) Go To Langauge
6 ) Set it to English
7 ) While you are logged-in, copy and paste this link into the same IE address bar, then press "enter"
& ((pretend to)) close your Account
8 ) Wait until the Screen says your Hotmail is Closed and ready to be deleted
9 ) Go back to
10 ) Log-in with your Closed Hotmail account
11 ) Immediately Log-out and after at least 10 seconds again login with your same Hotmail account. (This sometimes speeds up the 250 MB alottment.)

You're Inbox will be 25 MB but after 30 Days it will be 250 MB You can also send files up to 10 MB
Note: You can now revert your personal settings to the original one (like Country, State, ZIP, English etc).

Heyyyyy this is a gift to all my friends courtesy neelii_ankhain so that u can increase ur account storage upto 250 MB, and this method is tested by me. Remember her in ur prayers

You will not loss any mails etc. I guess Florida thing is a diversion only.The trick is to deactivate and reactivate.All new accounts are given 250 Mb by default. So on reactivation one gets a 250 Mb mailbox without lossing anymail.

+:-) People used the Hotmail account due to its easy operation from the Outlook Express. Only Hotmail, Gmail, Thelo, and Yahoo - mails can these days be freely downloaded in Outlook etc. (Mail Clients). They all provide free POP3 access, where Gmail is not widely available, Thelo gives a very poor quality service (most mails are not delivered) and to download Yahoo Pop3 way and send the Smtp way, we need to use YAHOOPOP!S - a software available free on the net. o-:

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