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The way of living …

As told by Akshay-anand-shrot SnehilShubhankar.

Live Life King size! Enjoy every Moment; Do and Do not expect! Be Positive and try to seek your inner self: It will answer most of your queries.

Quest. #1) What is Yoga and does one need it?

Reply  -> Yoga is the way to recognize the need of the body and unite it with the soul. But remember it is just a way to be more natural and hence does not need an expert, unless you are sure you have departed too much from nature. Basically yoga is the inherent knowledge in natural beings (small children, wild animals etc.) of their well-being and exercises for the proper functioning of the body.

Quest. #2) What is “God”, does such a being exist? Should we believe in it?

Reply  -> Well, you must know that faith works wonders. If you have an undaunted faith in something, or some occurrence it will happen (though if it will test the integrity of your faith to the same degree as the gravity of the occurrence). This is the secret behind the power of the Yogis.

            So as for God, it is an assumption of infallible supreme power; if you have an unbending faith in Him , He will work wonders but if you are in doubt, He will wait for your more powerful beliefs (the nightmares) to come true.

Quest. #3) Please explain the presence of so many Gods in Hindu religion.

Reply  -> See, hindus were an ease loving community, whose teachings were mostly verbal and the scriptures, and the knowledge was not well distributed, just as in a class of 40 students- not each one understands all subjects well more-so if they are told that he is being taught just for knowledge sake.

            Actually, each person had his own faith and ideas, the poetic ones liked nature, sun etc; the patriotic ones likes their respective Kings! Each one had his own faith .It is just in the advanced times that so many Gods have come to coexist, creating questions in minds of people like you.

Quest. #4) What about Christianity?

Reply  -> When we meet very analytical creatures, who cannot imagine but need concrete evidence of even God, we advice them to rather have faith in some human’s powers.

            Jesus was such a person, a yogi who gathered enough powers through self confidence etc. that he commanded His fellows to follow Him and declared himself the Son of God .This to simply teach the misbelievers the powers of faith.

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Quest. #5) How to acquire the yogic powers?

Reply  -> You need to follow Truth, Justice, Empathy, Emotional Stability, Peace of mind, Strong faith in your abilities and harmony of the mind with soul.

            These may be obtained by: following any path, like the many described by the various gurus and by various religions. I say, for truth: u must be true to your self i.e. to your own faiths and ideas. Justice is to “do unto others what you would not dislike to be done to you”, though u must remember that what you like need not be liked by others, so do unto others what they deem fit to be done. The rest according to me come by meditation and devotion.


Quest. #6) How to Meditate?

Reply  -> Meditation is a process to make harmony among your thoughts and your intellect, your spirit and your mind so that truth can have a wider sense and so that you can be at peace with yourself. There are various ways to meditate, it is unto you which one you utilize and how much it is suited to you.

          I propagate the self hypnosis type of meditation, called Hath yoga. So I would advice you to concentrate on: tip of a flame of candle (if you have spare 20 minutes at leisure), or the tip of your nose (if you can be free from disturbances like in your office or on an aero plane for 15 minutes) while you inflate & deflate your nasal pores [looks like a beating heart], or on a part e.g. eyes of your god (if you are a hindu or a Christian), or at the pore of your hand when you join both your palms [looks like the star on the Id crescent (here your heart line forms the crescent)] (if you are a Muslim), and repeat in your mind the vowel sound ‘O’ of the ‘Ouumm’ or of ‘O Jesus’, or ‘Yaaaa’ of ‘Ya Khuda’, or whatever your religion allows while you inhale a full deep breath (at least 5 seconds) then exhale. After this deep breathing, you will feel that you are quite free of the junk thoughts. Now you must close your eyes lightly and try to see the space around (in the dark); if you get any thoughts they must be either about the sound of your breath or of your vowel sound. Now (after about two days you will) feel the divine existence in your self. Think how privileged you are that you have got an opportunity to practice this great process; now feel that all the universe is in front of your eyes (doesn’t matter what you visualize in universe), each human is a form of your divine self. Now if you are vexed by any act of any fellow try to empathize with him consider the different ways he could deal with the impending situation, critically analyze each possible path and the outcome, if you feel you get a better way out, than what he (or she) did then write a note mentioning the alternative to the person (if possible by email or in his wallet otherwise in your personal diary) and make it a point that you wont make a similar error as made by him. Now that you will have started feeling great about yourself again start repeating the vowel sound in your mind, start breathing deep (if you have stopped it), open your eyes and feel the peace of mind you have acquired.


Quest. #7) So, do you have any advice for the general people?

Reply  -> Yes, I would like to tell them to fix a goal in life, plan the path to follow, persist with the goal in adverse situations and u will reach it. Remember your goal must be such that you truly believe that you can do it, it must not override the basic concepts and faiths that you have in life. It is necessary to be true to yourself. Try to follow universal-brotherhood and empathize with those with whom you have to talk. Spread love and harmony all around you, counsel others but do not ever expect them to follow your counsels. You must feel that your duty is to advice and should not take the onus upon yourself to ensure you are followed. If you wish that your life must go systematically, follow the laws on life given by me and you will know how & why of the happenings.



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