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The Basic Concepts of Palmistry


Palmistry is a branch of astrology, which believes that future of a person may be predicted to a good degree of accuracy by the study of his hand, which indicated using coded lines and structures. It is as much a science as is the art of a Robot specialist, who can see a robot analyze it and tell what its program intends to do next; or as a medical professional (doctor) can predict the future of his patient (chance of catching a disease or the time he has to suffer more).Palmistry is a result of the study of a lot of ancient scientists, called sages.

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So I must tell you that for knowledge of Palmistry etc. i.e. Occult Sciences, you need to have a strong mount of Saturn, a wheat sign on meeting of life and brain line and a line limiting the Moon-mount (Line of intuition).

Further you must know that :

        Life-line is also called Pitri(Fatherís) Line & Mind line Matri(Motherís) Line.

        Bhagya or Luck Line is any line proceeding towards Saturn Mount.

        A chain-like line implies unconventional functioning e.g. Chain in Life line is for illness.

        Left lobe of brain works to keep you happy; Right to arouse your sadness.

        Palmists also study the back of the hands and the lines on back of fingers to tell a lot of things of immediate importance.

        Strong enough WILL and self-belief has the power to change all luck.


Of course I must tell u that effective palmistry requires concentration, Samanjasya or harmony of the mind and goodwill (social & moral). So if you aspire to be a palmist, you must: regularly meditate, have faith in self, be true to your self (for details see the way of living) and mail a link to this site (along with an invitation to visit it) to at least 15 different friends. You wonít have a working Knowledge of palmistry unless at-least 7 different people invited by you visit this page.

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