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Reiki, a great enlightening experience

I had the chance to learn Reiki, through devine coi-ncidence, and got as my guru Dr. Amar Kumar . I attended his class on 1st of August 2009 and got initiated into level-1 of Reiki. I got my Level-2 initialization on 24th of October, 2009. I am very blessed to have as my lineage :

Dr. Mikao Usui --> Dr. Chugiro Hayashi --> Mrs. Hawayo Takata -->
Barbara Weber Ray --> Maureen O Toole --> Kate Nani --> Paula Horan -->
Karl Edwerding --> Barbara Szepan --> P.D. Patel --> P. Dutta --> Amar Kumar

The initiation into Reiki is a very supernatural and wonderful experience for all the students. The Atmosphere is serene, peaceful and absolutely free from our routine tensions.

In Reiki, we transfer healing energy, from the universe, through us (the channels) to who-ever requires & asks for it. The minimum recommended duration for giving Reiki is 3 minutes (and I have created a page that can help to keep time for you.) Reiki is such a soothing feel that most of us feel extremely comforted & practically go to sleep during each session.
Please note ... Reiki initiation is required for the practice of Reiki (for healing others), this initiation (Shaktipaat) has to be done thru a proper teacher, else you might be taking up the diseases on to your own self. In Reiki practice, we use (channelize) the omnipresent spiritual energy and concentrate it for healing.

Those who combine Reiki with meditations, get a far better result & peace of mind.

You have a divine hint which has caused you to come to this page ! So if you wish to follow it and to know more about Reiki, here are a few links ... the best Free Site AETW , another good site , another good site , another good site , another good site , debate about Grandmaster , a google book , another book about variants among reiki .