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About Mind Moksha Education Centre


By Mr. Sanjay Bisht


By Er. Neeraj Gupta


By Er. Sanjay Tiwari


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Artist's Garden
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The Coaching:

This was earlier (till 2003) called the Student Friendly Association and the Neeraj Gupta’s Chemistry classes.

Meaning: Bliss to the mind!!

Location: Next to PK Bhavan, Joppling Road, Lucknow.

And: Sagar Bhavan, Nilgiri Complex, GomtiNagar, Lucknow .

Prime Features:

Individual Attention- and the teachers mean it, the clarify the doubts of each student and have kept aside a separate 30 min for the same after each class, the students are also allowed to come in the free time, or in the other batch to clarify their doubt or to bridge the loss due to a missed class.  

No Crowding- the batches have a reasonable strength of 30-50. (This is in contrast to the other coaching institutes, who fill in the range of 80-200 students in each batch.)

Special consideration- the teachers have consideration for their students. They talk to the parents in a nice manner whenever they (parents) contact (personally or on phone) for a feedback of the student’s performance. They also have a regard for the ease of the student for deciding or changing his/her batch.

Full Course Completion- the teachers complete the full course in each subject, thoroughly and have extra-practice classes and brain-teasers for the more important topics. (In contrast, other coaching classes complete just the important topics.)

Weekly & Monthly tests- are conducted so as to ensure that proper revision work is going on. The institute conducts screening (objective type) tests in each subject in most of the weekends while it conducts at least one mains (detailed) test every month.

Knowledge has more focus- than just course completion. The institute stands for Quantity with Quality rather than choosing amongst the two. The people here believe that knowledge alone cannot guarantee success but an equally important role is played by emotional management. So the pupil is taught the tricks to manage their emotions by encouraging a more rational thinking.

Physics :

Sanjay Bisht sir is an Ex. Professor of IET Lucknow.

He believes,” The world moves in accordance to the Laws of Nature and it is those (Physical) Laws, we need to master, to decipher the mysteries of the universe. ”.

Chemistry :

(Er.) Neeraj Gupta sir is an Ex. Student of IIT Kanpur.

He believes,” The world moves in a very logical sequence, this sequence is being investigated and put into the form of Laws of Sciences. The process is not yet complete and hence we find anomalies in Chemistry : all anomalies may be explained by some theory, so do not cram – understand! ”.


Mathematics :

(Er.) Sanjay Tiwari sir is an Ex. Student of IIT Kanpur

He believes,” The world is analyzed only in an object oriented sequence, so if we follow the actual mathematical sequence to a problem, the pre-engineering questions in mathematics consume very less mind, time and space. ”.



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