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I welcome you for knowing about Maa Kali the Indian Goddess of the bengolis ...

Ma means mother and Kali means Black (or ink).
She in one form, represents the power of magic, tantra, and command on spirits (Picture will soon be provided), but in the above form, she represents divinity. Her color implies that in love, the color or looks of your beloved do not matter. She has a weapon called Khara on her left top hand (right from our view). It symbolyses that each individual must be ready for self defence. The mundi or scull on the hand below and on her necklace symbolyse that we must not hesitate to punish the evil. Her right hand, our left is raised to bless telling us to otherwise have a pleasant nature towards all. The hand below is horizontal, displaying an attitude of sharing - share your good and bad points without hesitation. But we can see her protruding toungue, which has a good reference and base in our epics, signifies that all of us can sometime sin so we must remember and be apologetic rather than forget it. That will help us remember not to repeat the wrong.

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