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I welcome you to tell you about my Integral University ...

It is a U.P. state University from Feb. 2004 It got UGC grants (& recognication) in Dec. 2004 I am a student of this institution and have got the information by asking the authorities & by experience.

The Plus points:
1 ) It is developing fast, on the line of Aligarh Muslim U. and Jamia Milia Islamia.
2 ) It is under ICPE and maintains vigil and discipline to a high degree.
3 ) It provides hostel facility, bus facility, labs and cyber cafe facilities in campus.
4 ) The Workshops for Mechanical Engineering are in a very good order with working models and all (though the models are small)
5 ) The teachers are encouraging and help the student even personally. (Anti Ragging, Hostels, Mess-Complaints etc.) There is a placement cell too.

The Minus points:
1 ) Inspite of good facilities, the students are not the creme-class (as in IIT etc.)
2 ) There is good library facility, with a CD library, magazine section, Book Bank and a large Reference section;- but the CDs can't be issued for home, book bank is the selection of books by the assistant, not the student.
3 ) No ragging sometimes means lesser interaction with seniors and hence lesser help.
4 ) The campus is quite small when compared to other universities (though it is rapidly expanding)
5 ) Majority of the teachers are from the JMI, hence though knowledgiable,- lach the experience of PhD. proffessors.
6 ) The computers still work at Turbo C++ on Windows , etc. when the IIIT students are taught GNU-C++ (much better) on Linux.

FOR much more information, go on to... The University's actual site o-:

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