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~ Friends ~


Friends   are   very   special   people   who accept         
each other with unconditional caring. They

Recognize each other's talents and faults, and
acknowledge them without judgment.

They are Incapable of turning away when times
are tough and life's problems seem hard to bear.

Instead, they Encourage each other so they can
enjoy the good times and find strength to endure the

bad times. They're Never afraid to say what
they feel and can be honest without causing

hurt or pain. They can Depend on each other
because they have the kind of trust

             that    allows    them    to    Share the best and
worst of their lives with laughter and without fear.


You are one of those special people,
and I'm glad you are my friend.

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So My dear friend, I wish you ….

Happiness......Deep down within

Serenity..... With each sunrise

Success..... In each facet of your life

Close and caring friends

Love.....That never ends

Special memories...... Of all the yesterdays

A bright today..... With much to be thankful for

A path..... That leads to beautiful tomorrow's Dreams..... That do their best to come true

And appreciation...... Of all the wonderful things about you!



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