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View of Moraine Lake with low-lying clouds at one end
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Section 1: Tutorial on living & cultures  

Here is a discussion on the Art of Living and on the various features of our Indian ancient culture. This solves the prominent queries of people on life and its ways. Helps you psychologically to Feel Good. To change something u must study the underlying laws. Just like Physics Chemistry etc. Human life too follows some laws of nature some of which I have tried to explain here.There is one page telling why human becomes fat, for those wanting to get slim !

Section 2: Learning Astrology

Astrology is a topic highly talked about these days. ¬ visit HERE for palmistry tutorial ! The subject is so full of fine points, which need to be elaborately studied. The site here publishes the points for free.
Actually astrology requires peace of mind, as it deals with abstractions hence it requires a person to meditate, feel happy etc.

Section 3: Interactive astrology

Many of you might not have the time or may be too lazy to learn and then apply the knowledge. This site caters to their need of a quick and free answer; to know the details you may email me with a good quality photo of both your hand at .

Section 4: Learn Programming

I have not found absolutely any site till now that teaches the tricks of programming for free. Turbo C++ & GWBASIC are the least talked about on the net. This details the minor tricks to make games in GWBASIC; Fast non-BGI graphics in C++ etc. Which hardly anyone discusses. Here I attempt to bridge this void and come up with effective guides on programming. I generally deal with GWBasic, Turbo C++, and some other good tips & tricks. I'm sure you would not find them any where else (unless someone copies them). META Tag Help

Section 5: The best downloads of the net

This place contains lots of free software. This contains the compilers, some games and some more very important software. It also features a very nice horoscope maker. They are all free to be downloaded by you, so hurry up. Download the non BGI TC++ Tricolor HERE !

Section 6: Love, a divine emotion…

Love has been exploited as a topic for many a poems, thoughts and novels. I have herein tried to reason out the emotion with logical explanations. You are free to ask any more questions that arise in your minds without doubt by email. I look forward to you enjoying life as a logical thing, scientifically explaining all phenomena for this is the age of science. The Idea of friendship!; A friend .; Love is ...? .

Section 7: Fun & all

As the saying goes All work and no play make Jack a dull boy ‚Äď Here I don't want to say your name is Jack & you are a boy, but just that fun is as important as seriousness. Like I have: ¬ Eminem-Mania (20 Level) game; ¬ Boxing game ; ¬ Football game HERE !; ¬ Cupid's Ball game ;¬ Pac-Man: Pac-Chick game ;¬ DJ's Musical Studio (game) and also ¬ A 'Real or Hoax' Quiz game HERE !.So this site wants to even furnish you with that bit so that you may not complain that I made you dull.

Section 8: The brands and advertisements I endorse

You must understand that this site took up a lot of my time & I need to be rewarded with at least some money out of it. A complete list of ads So I have tried to take many advertisements and feature them on my site for revenue. Ex. The advertisements having footer,"Ads by google" are featured by me. I have enlisted the names of my advertisers here. You may visit the provided links for free and become members (for free) I will get a commission out of that.
If you would like to add a link to the Palmist's Web site, you are welcome to use one of the following. Just copy the code, paste it into your page and you're all set. <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="50" BORDER="0" ALT="Palmist's Web Site"></A>

Section 9: My own Introduction

I am Shubhankar Banerjee, a palmist by hobby, at present working at Tata Consultancy Services Limited.; but you might be desirous to know more than that, like my education, coaching etc. hence this site here... In my site I will discuss my primary schooling & college life in CMS Station Road, my coaching days at Vishvas Chemistry classes , those at Student friendly Academy or Mind Moksha Education and at Integral University. Also to be noted are my experience at Ganeshgunj Akhara for Kushti & Excercises.